Mascule® is a Jewelry Studio based in The Netherlands. We are specialized in the Design and Production of Exclusive and High End Mens Beaded Bracelets.

Mascule® Mission Statement

Enable men to distinguish themselves by transforming raw natural and fair materials into Exclusive Designer Bracelets. Dutch Design for a fair price.

Mascule® Vision

Mascule stands for the connection and strength between Man and Nature, where quality prevails over quantity.

Our Story

As a great fan of Natural Stone Beaded Bracelets, we have come to a number of conclusions in recent years.

  • Natural stone does not always turn out to be natural stone.
  • Price-quality ratio can always be better.
  • Originality creates a distinction
  • Sustainability is of great importance

In 2017, we decided to adopt these conclusions and set up a brand ourselves and convert the above conclusions into products. To this day we make this happen.

We add value to our product:

We don’t kid around when it comes to a Premium Mens Bracelet. We believe in what we do and we’re fully behind every single Bracelet that leaves our studio.

  • We do not believe in cheap serial production, but strive for the highest possible quality and exclusivity.
  • You don’t see our Beaded Bracelets very much around, that’s because we only produce in limited quantities. Distinguished by high quality.
  • We only use the highest quality (semi) precious stones and precious metal.
  • Easy recognizable by the Premium look & feel that we create, exactly what makes us stand out from the rest.

That makes us Stand Out

Dorpsstraat 13, 1657AA Abbekerk
Tel: +31 85-0606329
Mail: info (at)
COC: 82246165
VAT#: NL862392755B01