Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye is among the most ancient Talisman on Planet Earth. This “Stone of the Golden Ray” is known as both Mysterious and Powerful. Also known for being the All Seeing and All Knowing Eye it is one of Earth’s most feared and revered stones.

This Powerful Stone has been used for centuries by African Tribes, Crusaders, Roman Soldiers and Explorers to protect them from danger and gain strength and courage. The Egyptians chose this marvelous Stone as eyes for their deity statues in order to express Divine Vision. They’re strong believe was that of protection from the Gods of Sun and Earth: Ra en Geb.

Tiger Eye has been one of the most highly regarded Gemstones throughout history being known for bringing wisdom and stability, prosperity and fortune, protection of resources and reflecting threats and dangers from the outside.



Giving you sharpness, good judgement and increasing your insight and perception, Tiger Eye is perfectly suitable for those who need to see, think and act fast. It will assist you in times that things get hectic; Tiger Eye will bring you tranquility, focus and stability. Characteristics which are Key to make rationale decisions rather than emotional ones.



Many warriors throughout History have been using Tiger Eye for protection from malice, threats and danger that others were trying to inflict. Tiger Eye acts as a shield which sends back any negativity to those who wanted to hurt or damage you.


All seeing & All knowing

Tiger Eye is known to be all seeing and all knowing. It is thought to grant its wearer the ability to observe everything, even if distance, walls or closed doors are in play. It is one of the characteristics that make Tiger Eye among the most feared Gemstones on Planet Earth.


Strength, Courage and Balance

Tiger Eye gives its wearer Strength in many ways, its warm and radiant appearance synthesizes Earth’s frequencies to both awareness and stability. Wearing Tiger Eye will make you stronger in stepping out of your comfort zone, release your creativity and create a Zen and Wise state of mind. It will bring sharpness and understanding to your inner vision and will create the right prerequisites to make use of your power in a wise and well thought way.


Where does it come from?

Tiger Eye is primarily found in: Australia and South Africa. Other origins are: Burma, India, Namibia, United States, Brazil, Canada, China, Korea and Spain.


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