The Noble Onyx is a Gem that has been in use since most ancient civilizations walked planet Earth. Known for its pure and powerfull energy and sober beauty, this Gemstone was both feared and loved. Once unaffordable for most, this exquisite Gem was used in cermonies like funerals, paranormal- and magic rituals. Ancient warriors wore Onyx amulets on their swords, shield and armour to give them strength, courage and offer protection.

The Greek and Romans used the Noble Onyx in large amounts in the creation of their deity statues, stamps and official seals and was also a frequently used basis in the forgery of golden relics.


The Power of the Onyx

The Onyx was loved and worshiped in many ancient civilizations, however, it was feared in many others. Onyx was also known for being the “Bad Luck Stone” and those who wore it would be confronted with sadness, mood swings, depression and aggression. In China the Onyx was so feared that the Gem was only mined by prisoners and slaves and was only allowed to be sold outside of China.

Through the centuries, the appreciation for the Power of the Onyx has been growing worldwide. Even the most negative powers that it houses can be put to very positive work. Onyx integrates and is probably one of the best talisman for power and self control. Onyx connects body and earth, it roots and provides ground and stability. Onyx has the power to synthesize negative and aggresive energy into fysical and mental strength en brings you resilience and endurance.




Onyx provides those who wear it with ground and stability, converting aggression into well balanced assertivity. It will provide support, power en endurance to help you to achieve your personal goals. Onyx will help you in being determined and stimulates self-realization.



Many warriors walked the path before you, they wore The Onyx as protection and as a source of power to help them in combat. Onyx will help you in closing out your surrounding and protect your own boundries.