Hematite is a special Gemstone, it carries a high amount of Iron. This is also where this magnificent Gem gets its name from. Throughout History Hematite has been used for Jewelry and the decoration of weapons and other objects. In ancient Egypt civilization Hematite objects were put in tombs to accompany the dead.

The name “Hematite” comes from the Greek word “haimatites” what literally means “Bloodlike” (the greek word for blood is “hema”). This is because raw found Hematite is colored red. One of the old mythes is that Hematite in fact is formed by large amounts of blood on battlefields.

Stability, positive energy and mind

Hematite brings in some remarkable characteristics, it has strong earthing and healing powers and empowers the body. It relieves the stress caused by our daily live and has a positive impact on the ability to think logically. Hematite converts negative energy into the positive and brings an optimistic state of mind.


Where does it come from?

Hematite is found in (ao) Africa, Australia, Brazil, Sweden, Italy and the United States.