Agate is a Gemstone which is found in hundreds if not thousands of varieties. It was first discovered in the Achetes River in Sicily, this is also where the name originated. Agate has a long history and is mostly known for its healing powers. Agate has been found with the artifacts of the Neolithic people and was used in healing amulets and other icons dating back as far as Babylon. Its healing powers continued to be in use through ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations. Agate’s healing powers were in fact so known that it spread throughout the Middle East, Russia and the African continent.


Stabilizing & Strengthening

Agate is known for having a stabilizing and strengthening influence to its owner. It is the perfect Gemstone for balancing emotional, physical and mental energy and brings a perfect harmony which will strengthen your overall being. Agate will bring you stability and maturity and its warm and protective properties will improve your self confidence.



Agate, in some parts of the world, was used to protect against snakebites. In modern times it is mostly known to protect from accidents while travelling or doing a public job. It will also provide strenght and endurance for those performing physical activities and offers emotional endurance for jobs with a high mental demand.


 Where does it come from?

Agate can be found in Worldwide