Story of Stones

We only use natural materials. There are a number of reasons for this. The main reason is that we believe that with natural materials we are able to deliver a high quality product. In addition, we strongly believe in the power of nature and the power that natural stone brings.

Read below about the types of stone we use, the story behind these stones, what history looks like and what forces are attributed to the different types of natural stone.



Agate is a Gemstone which is found in hundreds if not thousands of varieties. It was first discovered in the Achetes River in Sicily, this is also where the name originated.

Agate has a long history and is mostly known for its healing powers. Agate has been found with the artifacts of the Neolithic people and was used in healing amulets and other icons dating back as far as Babylon. 

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Hematite is a special Gemstone, it carries a high amount of Iron. This is also where this magnificent Gem gets its name from.

Throughout History Hematite has been used for Jewelry and the decoration of weapons and other objects.

In ancient Egypt civilization Hematite objects were put in tombs to accompany the dead.





Jaspis or “Jasper” is probably one of the most versatile Gemstones that we use in our Mascule Bracelets. This must be one of Nature’s most beautiful creations when it comes to Gemstones and this beauty really stands out in the crowd.

Jaspis is also known as “The Supreme Nurturer” giving its host grounding and stability, comfort and security and strength and healing.

Worn by Kings, Priests and Shamans who considered the Gem as being Sacred and providing protection.



Being one of the most sought after stones since the beginning of mankind, Lapis Lazuli is the symbol for Royalty and Honor, Spirit and Vision, Gods and Power.

Lapis Lazuli is a universal synonym of Wisdom and Truth. This highly regarded Gemstone, with its magnificent color, is named after the Latin word Lapis: Stone, and the Persian word Lazhuward: Stone.

Usage dates back to the Egyptians where it was among the most highly prized Gemstones around.



The Noble Onyx is a Gem that has been in use since most ancient civilizations walked planet Earth. Known for its pure and powerfull energy and sober beauty, this Gemstone was both feared and loved.

Once unaffordable for most, this exquisite Gem was used in cermonies like funerals, paranormal- and magic rituals. Ancient warriors wore Onyx amulets on their swords, shield and armour to give them strength, courage and offer protection.

The Greek and Romans used the Noble Onyx in large amounts in the creation of their deity statues, stamps and official seals and was also a frequently used basis in the forgery of golden relics.




Tiger Eye is among the most ancient Talisman on Planet Earth. This “Stone of the Golden Ray” is known as both Mysterious and Powerful. Also known for being the All Seeing and All Knowing Eye it is one of Earth’s most feared and revered stones.

This Powerful Stone has been used for centuries by African Tribes, Crusaders, Roman Soldiers and Explorers to protect them from danger and gain strength and courage.

Tiger Eye has been one of the most highly regarded Gemstones throughout history being known for bringing wisdom and stability, prosperity and fortune, protection of resources and reflecting threats and dangers from the outside.