Shamballa or Shambhala Bracelets what is it


Shamballa bracelets have been very popular for years and have a loyal following, including Hollywood stars and musicians. A Shamballa bracelet is a hand-knotted bracelet from Tibetan Buddhism and stands for unconditional love, freedom and strength.

That fact, combined with the fact that a Shamballa bracelet has a strong and characteristic appearance, make this an absolute classic that should not be missing in your collection.

What is Shamballa?

Shamballa, or actually Shambhala, is the Mythical Kingdom located north of the Himalayas close to Tibet. Shambhala is first mentioned in various Tibetan Buddhist literature around the year 1100.

The bracelets carry the idea of ​​Buddhism. They remind the wearer of the importance of unconditional love and mercy, living with an open heart and giving and receiving trust.

The characteristics of the stones used give the wearer protection, strength, energy and a sense of decisiveness and determination.


Shamballa by Mascule®

A Shamballa bracelet is a direct derivative of the Tibetan prayer cord. The beads are knotted by hand, using an age-old knotting technique called: Macramé.

The bracelet is finished with a hand-knotted slide clasp with which the bracelet can easily be opened and closed.

At Mascule® we work with 2 variants: the fully knotted Shamballa and the models where we only use the Shamballa slip knot.

The unique properties of both the Shamballa cord and the hand-knotted clasp make our Mascule® Shamballa bracelets timeless classics with a long life and a practically indestructible character.