Men’s beaded bracelets how do you wear them?

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For many men it may take some getting used to, a bracelet is more for women? Well that’s actually a bit old fashioned and you know what? A Stylish Bracelet will definitely bring a big value add  to your outfit and appearance!

You only have to look around to discover that more and more men’s bracelets are appearing on the streets.Where we saw a lot of leather bracelets before, you see more and more men’s beaded bracelets popping up lately.

Natural stone bracelets are the big favorite, and preferably in combination with (precious) metal elements and that actually makes sense: it exudes masculinity, and gives a stylish and elegant accent to your appearance.


A beaded bracelet for every outfit

Since a beaded bracelet can be quite a striking piece of jewelry, it is important to think carefully about the occasion, your outfit and what type, size and color of the beaded bracelet suits it best.

Finally, you want the bracelet to be a distinctive addition to your look and not the absolute centerpiece.

However, the effect of wearing a beautiful beaded bracelet is the same for all outfits, it gives you extra appearance: you have thought about your wardrobe. You don’t wear a suit today just because “you have to”.

You have taken the trouble to make that suit look extra good, the bracelet makes that clear to you.


Business outfit

A bracelet can give a huge appearance, especially with a business outfit. You don’t happen to look like this today, you have the confidence to show that little bit extra.

If you go out in your suit and Santoni shoes, you will add an extra stylishly layer with the metallic look of Hematite or with the dark and mysterious Onyx.

With a business outfit, it is important to leave the bracelet subordinate to the rest of the wardrobe. Choose a simple but “High Impact” bracelet where you ensure that the size of the bead, preferably, does not exceed 8MM.

Wear the bracelet like a watch: always under the sleeve. Which wrist you wear the bracelet on is personal preference. A natural stone bracelet can combine very nicely in addition to a beautiful wrist watch, at the same time a wrist with only a stunning beaded bracelet also gives a WOW effect.

In a business outfit it is better not to mix with multiple beaded bracelets, 1 wristpiece is perfect, 2 is too much. If desired, you can combine a beaded bracelet in a business outfit with a bracelet made of a different material. Make sure that the other bracelet is “subordinate” to the beaded bracelet. (for example, a paracord bracelet in combination with beads is too much)





Casual outfit

With a Casual outfit it can of course be more outspoken and it doesn’t really matter that much. (we think ;-P). For example, a model with a larger bead with a simple “Jeans & T Shirt” outfit can give a huge WOW factor.

Combining multiple beaded bracelets is no problem in a Casual outfit, just make sure you combine different bead sizes. With colored beads it is always best if the chosen color returns in a different place in your outfit.

The following also applies to wearing a beaded bracelet with a Casual outfit: you do not accidentally wear what you wear, you have thought about this and have taken the trouble to make it look extra good.




How do you wear your beaded bracelet?

There are actually no “rules of conduct” for wearing men’s beaded bracelets. Below we only give you some tools to help you choose and wear the right bracelet with the right outfit and the right time and place.

  • Wear your bracelet like a watch, close to the skin and under the sleeve
  • If you combine, preferably wear different sizes of bead on 1 and the same wrist
  • In case of colored beads, always try to bring some of this color back into your outfit. (or adjust your bracelet to your outfit)
  • Dress to the occasion, use common sense to determine when to wear which bracelet or not